Hello Everyone! Welcome to our May 2012 newsletter. This month we are going to talk about Dock Diving! Dock diving is a unique sporting competition that can be enjoyed by both dog and owner. Dogs attempt the highest, or longest distance jumps from a scaffold run into a purpose-built diving pool. The sport is fast becoming popular with spectators and participants alike. Luckily for you, we have Dock Diving for Dogs right in Millerton NY!

How do you get your pet involved and ready for dock diving?  All you have to do is go to http://www.hudsonvalleydockdogs.com and easily register on-line, or print out a form and bring it in person to an event. This web site has plenty of information on how to sign up and what benefits you will receive when you sign up. There are three different memberships that are offered to you. The first one is called the Elite Membership. This membership costs $250 per individual/family and includes all of your dogs, and includes a season pass for unlimited pool rentals. The next membership is called the Single Master Membership: $50 per individual and includes all your dogs. Last but not least, there is the Family Master Membership: $75 per family and includes all your dogs. All three of these memberships include great benefits. These benefits include Pool season pass (Elite Member) or hourly pool rental privileges (Master Member), one free hour pool rental,  attending meetings and vote on club business, attend club practice sessions, discounts on club merchandise, volunteer voucher program and 10% off on boarding at Ledgewood Kennel!


HVDD invites you to join us for our upcoming Open Dock Practice Sessions Saturday, May 12 and Sunday May 20, 2012 at our pool site in Millerton, NY. ALL dogs are welcome! There are 2 sessions to choose from – newbies or experienced. Each 2.5 hour session is $25 and includes dock and pool time along with helpful training tips. Handlers must be 7 years or older, and dogs must be 6 months or older.

Saturday May 12, 2012

There are 10 spots per session available for pre-registration. To ensure a time spot please complete the online registration form and choose the appropriate time when asked. Price is $25/session.

Sunday May 20, 2012

There are 5 spots per session available for pre-registration and 5 spots available for onsite registration. To ensure a time spot please complete the online registration form and choose the appropriate time when asked. Price is $25/session.

Also, you can watch videos on the HVDD web site!!

If you decide to sign up or just watch and enjoy, we are having an event right at our pool! Hudson Valley Dockdogs Presents:

Jumpin' to the Rescue

We look forward to seeing you there and meeting your dogs!

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