Hello, and welcome to our new monthly newsletter! Have you heard about the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? It takes place this week in New York City. This show will be featuring many breeds including six new breeds for this year. These new additions to the show are:

We know that these are not very common breeds, so we will tell you about them so that you are ready for the show!

The American English Coonhound is a strong athlete who evolved from Virginia Hounds. This breed use to hunt mostly fox's and racoons. Now they are wide ranged hunters and they have excellent speed, endurance and a strong voice.

The Cesky Terrier was made to hunt in packs. With their short legs, long bodies and strong muscles they make incredibly good hunters and they are also very loyal to their owners.

The Norwegian Lundehund comes from the mountains of Norway. This breed is also known as the “Puffin Dog” because they are bird hunters. They were excellent hunters of the Puffin but now days these birds are protected due to becoming extinct. Now the Norwegian Lundehund is a loyal companion who tends to be quite the trouble maker.

The Xoloitzcuintli(show-low-itz-quint-lee) is from Mexico. This breed is incredibly intelligent and very easy to train. These dogs decent from the Aztecs and their purpose was to guard the dead. Now they make a great loyal friend.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the smallest of four breeds from Switzerland. Due to the strong bond between this breed and his owner they are very loveable. These dogs can be very playful and they an get very serious when the time comes. They also are very easy to train due to their high intelligence level.

The Finnish Lapphund is a reindeer herding dog from Scandinavia. They are very soft, loving dogs and they are highly intelligent. This breed loves to learn and help their owners.

This is just one small part of what you have to look forward to while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Tune in to USA network on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 8pm Eastern time for part one and Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 8pm Eastern time for part two.

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Chip & Kirby Barrett