Ledgewood Kennel's Boarding Facility

Our boarding facility was designed to provide a safe, clean, comfortable environment for your pets. Each dog run has its own indoor and outdoor area. The facility has radiant heating in the floors for the comfort of the pets staying with us. The summer air conditioning keeps your pets cool and happy. Three times (morning, evening, and 10pm night check) your dogs go into our back yards. This keeps your dogs happy and exercised. The staff gives treats to your pets often, and lots of pats to make them feel assured.

We provide kennel food for our guests, or you can bring your own dog food if you prefer. We will also administer medications to your pet if needed (extra charge for medications given more then twice daily).

Operating all year long, we can care for your pets for as little as a few hours or as long as your circumstances require. Please contact us for extended stays over 30 nights for a discount quote. We also provide extra walks, swimming in our dog pool, bathing and nail clipping while your dog is staying with us for an extra fee ( please inquire about these services when booking in your dog) Please call or e-mail us for a visit of our facility so we can arrange a tour.